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The Bible Base Wiki is part of the "The Bible Base" a one-stop teaching resource for Bible students of all ages and degress of knowledg hosted by me, Ron Bailey ( This Wiki is really the Clapham Junction for all the resources on the site.
The best way of keeping in touch with the development of the sites would be to sign up to the BibleBase Blog (

The purpose of this website is to provide a “one-stop resource centre” for Bible students of all ages and levels of knowledge. The site holds some of my own contributions to the field of Bible study but will also have hyperlinks to other sites and resources.

What you find here will not necessarily be unique or original but they will be issues that have passed through my own mind (and soul).

The general point of view will be what is usually described as 'conservative evangelical' or 'Bible based' which gives us the title for the site. Hopefully, the site and the host will always be 'a work in progress'.

Come on in and make yourself at home.

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